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Alter Enersun is developing 1000 MW of photovoltaic and wind energy to supply the grid and hydrogen projects in Huelva

  • The projects will provide renewable energy on a self-consumption basis, without surpluses; they will require an approximate investment of 700 million euros and will be built between 2023 and 2028.
  • The plan considers the construction of 10 photovoltaic plants and 1 wind farm in the municipalities of Huelva and Villanueva de Castillejos.
  • It will generate 2000 jobs during the construction of the facilities and 100 direct and indirect Jobs in operation.


Alter Enersun, a leading company in the renewable energy sector, has reached land agreements for the development of 4 renewable energy production plants of 1.000 MW, using photovoltaic and wind technology.

Huelva La Luz project
is under construction and is made up by 8 photovoltaic plants (Luz I, II, III, IV, V, VI VII y VIII), located in Huelva, specifically in the La Carrascosa area. The project will be finished in the first quarter of 2024 and will have a power of 263 MWp and an estimated production of 537 GWh per year which is equivalent to the energy consumed by 154.000 households.

Proyecto La Luz en construcción

Huelva La Luz means an investment of 160 million euros. It will generate between 450 to 500 jobs during its construction and 20 jobs in operation. Moreover, it will also save 507.000 tons of C02 each year, in comparison to conventional coal. Huelva La Luz project will come into operation in July 2024.

Along with this project, Alter Enersun is currently developing Puerto La Luz, a photovoltaic installation to supply renewable energy to green hydrogen plants. Puerto La Luz will involve an investment o 100 million euros and will be built on the port lands, with a fixed structure and will have a power of up to 200 MW, thus producing 360 GWh.

Right now, the study of fauna and birds has been completed. It is pending to receive the environmental and administrative authorization from the Ministry of Ecological Transition. (MITECO). The project has been granted the urban compatibility by the Huelva City Council.

During the construction and operation phase, both projects will generate a significant impact on the tax base of the city of Huelva, to which they will contribute through the building license fee and the property Benefit, the real estate tax (IBI) and the tax on economic activities (IAE).

Huelva La Luz and Puerto La Luz projects will add up to the 50 MW PV plant called Huelva 2021 which is already operating in the city and represents a total investment of more than 400 million euros and a photovoltaic power of more than 500 MW.

Pilar Miranda, mayor of Huelva seemed “satisfied by the determined commitment of a company like Alter Enersun for our city and its province. The different projects which are underway confirm Huelva as a preferred destination for investors due to its strategic position as the capital of the current energetic revolution”. Miranda also states that the City Council “is thus consolidating its role as a driver of wealth for the city and engine of Huelva’s economic development, thanks to an effective, simplified and digitalized management model. The new clean and sustainable industry will allow us to generate employment, prosperity and wealth for the people of Huelva”.


Alter Enersun begins its activity in Villanueva de los Castillejos

With the aim of supplying renewable energy for the green hydrogen projects that will be built in the port of Huelva, Alter Enersun is developing the V. de los Castillejos Solar I project of 450 MW of power with an approximate investment of 290 million euros and will produce more than 900 GWh of energy per year.

Likewise, Alter Enersun will develop V. de los Castillejos Eólico I, which will be the first wind farm to be built in Andalusia, with an estimated power of 100 MW distributed in 17 positions and will produce 300 GWh of electricity, for which an approximate investment of 130 million will be required.

In the construction of the photovoltaic plant and the wind farm up to 1.000 persons are foreseen to work in the construction phase.

During construction and operation phase, the projects will generate a significant impact on the tax base of Villanueva de los Castillejos, to which it will contribute through the building license fee and property Benefit, the real estate tax (IBI) and the tax on economic activities (IAE).


Jairo Rodríguez, mayor of Villanueva de los Castillejos explains that “we are committed to supporting and facilitating proposals that may turn us into a benchmark for renewable energies, initiatives that contribute to the creation of stable employment and the economic development of the town, that anchor the population to the territory and become an economic engine for the region. Therefore, we always collaborate with cutting-edge projects that position Villanueva de los Castillejos as a municipality that defends a more renewable and sustainable municipality, in this case, within the framework of green hydrogen.  With these projects that the company Alter Enersun is going to carry out, which is a reference company  in the sector, that has implemented several photovoltaic projects in our province and is going to develop its first wind farm in our municipality”.


The CEO of Alter Enersun, José Luis Morlanes, has declared that “green hydrogen is a great opportunity for the competitiveness of our country’s economy, which will have cheap and clean energy at its disposal. Alter Enersun is committed to supplying renewable energy at the most competitive price to contribute from Huelva to one of the great opportunities for Spain and Andalusia, to be one of the main green hydrogen manufacturers of Europe. To achieve this we are counting on the collaboration of the city councils of Huelva and Villanueva de los Castillejos. Alter Enersun has demonstrated its capacity by building more than 350 MW of photovoltaics and investing more than 225 million euros in Huelva and Gribraleón in the last 4 years”.

Alter Enersun completes the works on the Parque Solar La LUZ in Huelva
Alter Enersun is developing 1000 MW of photovoltaic and wind energy to supply the grid and hydrogen projects in Huelva
Alter Enersun obtains financing of 160 million euros for the construction of photovoltaic plants