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Alter Enersun completes the works on the Parque Solar La LUZ in Huelva

The project, which has involved the construction of 8 photovoltaic plants in the La Carrascosa area of ​​Huelva, is waiting to complete the installation of the high voltage line and the substation

La LUZ has generated 500 jobs during the construction of the 8 facilities and 20 jobs in operation, while it will mean savings of 507,000 tons of CO2/year

Alter Enersun has completed the construction of the La LUZ Solar Park, a project of 8 photovoltaic plants, LUZ I, II, III, IV, V, VI VII and VIII, located in Huelva, specifically in the La Carrascosa area. The project has a power of 262 MWp and an estimated production of 537 GWh per year, which is equivalent to the energy consumed by 154,000 homes. The definitive start-up of the project is awaiting the completion of the high-voltage line and the substation, which once installed, can begin to be discharged into the network.

The LUZ has involved an investment of 160.5 million euros and has generated 500 jobs during its construction, to which another 20 jobs will be added annually during its exploitation period. In addition, a total of 507,000 tons of CO2 will be saved each year, compared to conventional coal. The impact on the tax base of the city of Huelva during this construction period is 7.7 million euros, including the ICIO, the building license fee and the property benefit.

Added to this is what it will mean in the exploitation period, which, based on an estimate of 35 years, will mean a contribution of €27,300,000 in IBI and IAE to benefit the town.

For his part, the CEO of Alter Enersun pointed out that “this is the most complex project we have opted for and to which we have dedicated the most important budget.”

More than 7 years investing in Huelva in the long term

Alter Enersun’s activity in Huelva began in 2015 with the development of the photovoltaic plants, Huelva 2020 and Huelva 2021, which culminated with their construction between 2017 and 2020. They were the largest photovoltaic plants in Huelva, two plants that produce the equivalent energy to the consumption of the entire population of the municipality.

Huelva 2020 and Huelva 2021 have a total of 113,686 solar panels that produce 100 GW per year, which represents the equivalent electricity consumption of 28,000 homes. Specifically, the activity of the two plants implies a reduction of 180,000 tons of CO2 per year.

The total investment executed and in progress by Alter Enersun in Huelva as of today amounts to more than 250 million euros, being the highest executed by the Group in any city in Spain.

Committed to Huelva and Andalusia

In addition, Alter Enersun, together with Cepsa, a global energy company committed to mobility and sustainable energy, and Enagás Renovable, one of the largest European promoters of renewable gas projects, is also developing a green hydrogen plant in Huelva, connected to a solar energy plant, within the Andalusian Hydrogen Valley.

In total, Alter Enersun currently has 600 MW under development in Huelva and the surrounding municipalities, to supply clean energy to the green hydrogen project.

Alter Enersun completes the works on the Parque Solar La LUZ in Huelva
Alter Enersun is developing 1000 MW of photovoltaic and wind energy to supply the grid and hydrogen projects in Huelva
Alter Enersun obtains financing of 160 million euros for the construction of photovoltaic plants