Operation and maintenance
Operation and maintenance

Operation and maintenance

Maximum Optimization of Plant Performance

Alter Enersun also has its subsidiary Alterna, which carries out the necessary tasks for the operation and maintenance of its solar parks.

Highly Qualified Team
Commitment to Innovation
Minimize Energy Consumption

A maintenance
of quality

Alter's subsidiary, Alterna Energía, is composed of a highly qualified and committed team. Due to its commitment to people and society, Alterna Energía advocates for the development of talent and innovation as pillars for the sustainable growth of a company that looks towards a more sustainable future with the hope of making it possible, a goal shared with Alter Enersun. In the comprehensive, preventive, and corrective maintenance of Alter Enersun's plants, there is a focus on optimizing the overall performance of the installation, minimizing energy consumption from the grid, and improving the sustainability of the entity.