Asset management
Asset management

Asset management

160 facilities in operation and +290 MWp of installed power

We produce electrical energy in 160 installations, with a total installed power of more than 290 MWp in 2024 among Spain, Italy and Portugal . In 2021 we started up the FV plant Huelva 2021 and in 2022 we added another 205 MWp with our Cáceres plants.

In 2021 we added 68 MWp with Huelva 2021
In 2022 we increased another 205 MWp with Cáceres 2020, 2021 and 2023
Generated 2023 generamos 467 GWh committed to the environment

Our Solar Parks
on the rise

Alter Enersun has dedicated all its efforts since its birth in 2009 to the development and production of renewable energy, having achieved its main objective in its first decade; to have 106 MW of installed generation power. But Alter, with a total of 146 solar plants producing clean energy, intends to go further and continue its expansion in various countries such as Spain, Portugal or Mexico.

In this way, Alter Enersun has become a great reference in Spain, maintaining its philosophy and mission; ‘Transforming solar energy for a better world’. With this motto, the Extremaduran company intends to continue its work, now more than ever, its activity being essential in a priority sector for the activation of the economy due to its multiplier ratio of the economic and social benefits it generates. Its goal will be to manage at least 1GW of power by 2024, with an investment of 600 million euros.