HUELVA 2020 – 49,9 MW

HUELVA 2020 – 49,9 MW – 95 GWh/year

In 2019, Alter Enersun completed the construction and commissioned the largest photovoltaic plant to date in the province of Huelva, called ‘Huelva 2020’, with 49’9 MWp of installed power and located in the municipality of de Gibraleón.

It is made up by 135.056 installed solar panels that will generate and estimated annual production of 95 GWh, thus avoiding the emission of around 90.000 tons of CO2 per year, covering the energy needs of more than 27.000 households. This plant was later acquired by another group for its exploitation.

LOCATION: Gibraleón (Huelva, Andalusia)

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