ALTER ENERSUN adquiriment to ISOFOTON one of the largest plants on the deck of Andalusia

It is the solar system called “Solar Roof South Area” located on the mall parking lot South Area in Jerez de la Frontera, with a power of 2.06 MW.

This project is an important step for Alter Enersun become the largest producer of solar PV on deck.

Currently has nearly 10 MW distributed in 30 facilities located in several communities, Extremadura, Andalucia, Murcia and Catalonia.

The installation incorporates thin film modules polycrystalline, being composed of 11,976 solar modules, occupying an area of 17,000 m2 solar collector

The annual electricity production will be 3 gigawatt hours per year, the equivalent generate enough renewable energy to power more than 1,000 homes annually, and avoid the emission of greenhouse gases that would occur with the generation of energy from other sources nonrenewable