About us

ALTER ENERSUN, is constituted in 2009 with the vision of becoming one of the first companies in the sector of renewable energy, specifically in the production of photovoltaics on rooftops of public buildings. Preferably in Extremadura, Catalunya, Andalucia and Murcia.

Of the various applications of solar photovoltaic roofs of buildings are those with higher expectations of growth in the photovoltaic market. A photovoltaic system on deck IMPROVING EFFICIENCY losses reducing for transportation, requiring minimal investment in infrastructure. Forecasts indicate the legal opening to the consumption of electricity and winding as the difference between housing production and consumption of the building. This legislative amendment will open a huge market for this technology

The planned investment is 43.9 million euros until 2013.

Inexhustible source of life

The Sun, source of life and source of other forms of energy that humans have used throughout history, has its existence for about five billion years, throw in a year on Earth four thousand times more energy than we consume. Spain, for its privileged location and climate, is particularly favored compared to other European countries, as on every square meter of the soil affect year about 1,500 kilowatt hours of energy. This energy can be used directly or be converted to other useful forms, for example, electricity. It therefore becomes an energy source free, clean and inexhaustible, that can free us from dependence definitely the main sources we currently use all exhaustible like oil. You can meet all our needs if we learn how to make a rational light continually pours on the planet.


Ricardo Leal Presidente de Alter Enersun
Proyect Universidad de Murcia “These installations that use renewable energy are feasible in urban areas, which would lead to the building owner energy savings and economic profit”...
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